Welcome to Christminster
~ Christ the Saviour Monastery:
A Western-Rite Orthodox Benedictine Community

“Never, never, never let anyone tell you that, in order to be Orthodox, you must also be Eastern. The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable liturgy is far older than any of Her heresies.” + Saint John the Wonderworker of San Fransisco +

Our Community

Western Rite Orthodox Church

Fr. Daniel, Fr. James, Metropolitan Hilarion, Fr. Joseph

We are a stavropegial community within the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR), established in Rhode Island in 1993 with the blessing of His Beatitude, Metropolitan Hilarion, who authorized our Abbot, the Right Reverend Dom James Deschene (former Prior of the Monastery of Our Lady of Mount Royal), to continue the Western-Rite mission of Mount Royal at a new monastery: Christ the Saviour Monastery.

Saint Bede Guild

Orthodox Christianity survived in the West for 1,000 years and has provided The Holy Orthodox Church countless Saints and Martyrs. Keeping their traditions alive, Christminster offers quality Western-Rite and Benedictine products: spiritual books, prayer books, prayer ropes, and icons of Western Saints like Saint Benedict, Saint Bede and others. Begin shopping now.

Western Orthodoxy

Both eastern and western Christians, on first hearing of Western Orthodoxy, often ask such questions as “Who are these people?” or “Why haven’t I heard of them before?”

First, who are Western Orthodox Christians? Simply, they are those Christians of the West who have discovered the truth of Orthodoxy and who have embraced the Orthodox faith and now worship and practice their Orthodox faith according to the venerable and ancient traditions of the West – traditions whose roots go back to that time when the Western Church was still fully Orthodox. Many westerners who have embraced Orthodoxy have known it only in its eastern forms, primarily because these have been the predominantly visible forms of Orthodoxy in the West. Read more…

Monastery History

In 2008, through the generosity of a major benefactor, Christminster moved to Ontario, Canada, into their new home, providing accommodations for monks and their guests, with refectory, library, office and work space, and a monastic church in which the Liturgy of the Mass and the Hours are celebrated in full on behalf of and for the whole Church. Read more…

Saint Benedict’s Rule

We follow the Holy Rule of St. Benedict of Nursia (d. 547 A.D.), considered the father of Orthodox monasticism in the West. This Rule draws upon the wisdom of earlier monastic elders in Egypt, Cappadocia, Italy, and Gaul. The life envisioned in the Rule is one balanced between worship, study, contemplation, and work. Scholars of religion and culture have long recognized the deep spiritual wisdom, psychological insight, and profound influence of St. Benedict’s Rule not only on monasticism, but on all of western civilization. Read the rule here…