Requiem at Christminster

On 9 June 2011, the day of his burial in Colorado, a Sung Requiem was celebrated for Fr. Deacon Robert Sherwood at Christminster in Hamilton for those unable to be present for his interment. Friends and colleagues remembered him with prayer and song.

In his homily Abbot James pointed out how brief Bob's course of being a deacon was — being ordained only some few weeks ago. But the point was really otherwise. “Most men are ordained deacons early in life and serve a long period in the Church. Bob actually spent his adult life selflessly in the service of the Church and of needy children, and only at the end was this career crowned — appropriately — with the diaconate, the office of service in the Church. And his burial at the St. Lawrence property in Colorado — how appropriate that is too. For St. Lawrence was the famous deacon of Rome who distributed the Church's riches to the poor. And when persecutors came to question him where the real treasures of the Church were, he pointed to the poor and needy: “These are the Church's treasures.” Bob Sherwood too serviced the needy and poor with a tireless energy that finally, in his lack of concern for his own health, failed to sustain him. How often we would tell him to rest, to take some time off, to follow the sabbath principle that God himself set forth — to rest on the seventh day. And now he does rest, but continues too his loving concern for those he cared for in this life and in this suffering world. Indeed, as I pray for his own blessedness, I pray to him too not to abandon us but, in the joy and freedom of that great sabbath rest, to pray for us and ask God's continued mercies on us.
May he rest in peace.”


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