The Divine Liturgy of the Mass is celebrated according to the form commonly called the “Liturgy of Saint Gregory,” and also known as the “Liturgy of Saint Peter.” The form and much of the content of this liturgy antedates the time of Pope Saint Gregory the Great (d. 604 A.D.).

As celebrated at Christminster, the Solemn or Sung Mass includes some features that passed out of common use after the schism of the West from Orthodoxy, including an Old Testament lesson, a litany, and the formal exchange of the Peace using the pax brede, a wooden plaque holding a metal cross inscribed with the word, “Peace,” kissed in turn by the priest, ministers, and each person present. On Sundays, Mass is always preceded by the memorial of Baptism known as the Asperges — or, in Paschaltide, the Vidi Aquam.

The links below lead to the indicated sections of the Liturgy.

Part I: The Sunday Memorial of Baptism

Part II: Preparational Prayers for Communion

Part III: The Mass of the Catechumens

Part IV: The Mass of the Faithful

Part V: Thanksgiving Prayers after Communion


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